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Dear Fellow Marketer!

You probably already know the benefits of
Spin Rewriter and what it has to offer.

On this page you'll also discover how to make a killing with our recurring affiliate commissions:

How can I Promote Spin Rewriter?

Good to know: We are always here to help you with everything you might need.

We've made it extremely easy to promote Spin Rewriter to your customers, your email subscribers, on your blog, on forums, on Twitter, in Facebook groups, etc.

Lower on this page you'll find a dozen reasons to promote Spin Rewriter — as well as everything you could need for a profitable promo. Enjoy!

First Off, We Love Our Affiliates
Check Out This Road-Trip Video:

We absolutely love our affiliates here at Spin Rewriter! In fact, we don't just go the extra mile for you...

We go the extra 730 miles for you if that's what it takes!

One of our top affiliates — Colin Klinkert, the Social Monkee guy — lives in Monaco. I simply had to pay him a visit and say "Thank you!" in person.

Check out what Colin had to say about Spin Rewriter when I visited him in Monaco:

Pretty cool, right? 😃
And you can bet we're going to love YOU just as much as we love Colin! ❤️

Spin Rewriter Sells Like Crazy!
(Over $17.1 Million in sales with amazing EPC figures.)

Every single Internet Marketer out there needs a good article rewriting tool — you can never have too much quality content when it comes to marketing and SEO, right? Well, Spin Rewriter is the best article rewriter out there.

And because it's the best, it sells like crazy.

In fact, Spin Rewriter has done over $17,100,000 in sales already. Talk about an evergreen, top-quality, high-converting product with raving customers!

Oh, and while we're on the subject of raving customers... Feel free to check out the Testimonials page with over 750 testimonials from real people with real names and real photos next to them. All these people love Spin Rewriter so much they sent us their testimonials completely on their own.

How cool is that?! 🤩

Over $7,300,000 Dollars
Already Paid to our Affiliates!
(Our previous launch did $282,000 in just 5 days.)

Ever since we first launched Spin Rewriter way back in 2011, our affiliates have been reporting unbelievable earnings. The lifetime EPCs (Earnings Per Click) of our top 10 affiliates are all easily in the $10.00—$23.20 range.

And because of our lifetime recurring commissions (which means affiliates keep making extra money years after the original referral), the EPCs of our affiliates are increasing even further every single day.

During launches, we've delivered short-term EPCs of $16.73, $14.08, $9.71...

EPCs of our Affiliate Partners
EPC and Conversion Rate Proof
EPCs of our top affiliates are easily in the $10.00—$23.20 range due to recurring commissions.

Keep in mind that these EPC figures don't even include the recurring commissions that come with annual rebills later. Your long-term EPCs can easily exceed $30.00 with all of your future recurring commissions.

With Spin Rewriter, you truly promote us once — and you'll be making money FOREVER!

Our 50% recurring affiliate commissions never run out... they are for life.

💰 Promote Us Once — Make Money Forever!
(You get hard-coded 50% recurring commissions for life.)

As we've covered before, Spin Rewriter is primarily subscription based. The majority of our users go with a yearly subscription, although we do also offer a rather expensive lifetime option for users who dislike subscriptions.

We've been selling Spin Rewriter and measuring every single detail for over 12 years now. Because of our team's focus, the quality of the product and our industry-leading customer support, our retention rates are through the roof.

You already know that users stays with us for 2.52 rebills on average.

This means that for every single yearly subscriber you send our way, you'll make $77.00 × 2.52 × 50% = $97.02 in recurring commissions on average.

Including all of our laser-targeted upsells and downsells, you can realistically expect to make $160.00+ for every single front-end sale in the long term.

What's More,
Your List Will LOVE You
For Telling Them About Spin Rewriter

During the last 12 years, over 14.5 million Internet Marketers have visited the Spin Rewriter landing page.

We ran 244 A/B split tests on all these eyeballs to make sure that our salespage (and our entire funnel) converts incredibly well... and we've kept relentlessly improving our conversion rates month after month.

However, our obsession with customer satisfaction doesn't end when someone signs up for Spin Rewriter. In fact, that's when their amazing customer experience only begins!

We pride ourselves on not only delivering a TOP quality product (easily the best product in the article rewriting market) but we're also offering world-class customer support to every single customer who joins us.

Because of all this your subscribers will LOVE YOU for telling them about Spin Rewriter. ❤️

Let's Recap... Here's
Why You Want To Promote Spin Rewriter:

We believe we have made this decision an absolute NO-BRAINER:

✅ Reason #1: Spin Rewriter is a time-tested TOP quality product.

✅ Reason #2: Our 5-Day Free Trial makes it SUPER easy to promote.

✅ Reason #3: Our sales funnel guarantees amazing EPCs and conversions.

✅ Reason #4: We have swipe emails, promo videos and bonuses for you.

✅ Reason #5: We know what we're doing. Our previous launch brought in over a quarter million dollars ($282,000) in five days.

✅ Reason #6: Your subscribers will LOVE you for telling them about Spin Rewriter because it's genuinely a great product that will HELP them.

✅ Reason #7: You'll make 50% commissions on ALL sales — forever!

Spin Rewriter is the best selling product in this multi-million dollar market! And here's the proof (from Google Trends):

Proof from Google Trends
Google Trends for Websites - Proof

What Are Some Of The Biggest Names
Of The Internet Marketing World
Saying About Spin Rewriter?

🥰  We've worked with truly amazing people on our previous launches:

Chris Winters
“After years of using The Best Spinner I found a spinner that is at least 2 years ahead of its time. Aaron's Spin Rewriter the ONLY spinner on the market to write readable spun content with the click of a button. The ONLY spinner I use and recommend.”
— Chris Winters 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner
Chris Munch
“I first met Aaron in Washington at Yanik Silver's event and he was extremely humble about his 7 figure software product that had been quietly making affiliates a lot of recurring income.

Over a webinar I grilled him on the pitfalls of spinning, only for him to reveal his high traffic guitar site built using content from Spinrewriter which was clearly useful to its reader.

As he demo'd the software I could see it was by far the most powerful spinner out there. It's a perfect product for an I.M or SEO list.”
— Chris Munch 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner
Walt Bayliss
— Walt Bayliss 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner
Aravindh Sridhar
“Aaron literally mailed like a monster on all the days of our FSB launch which did $250K in sales and was the top affiliate on it! Aaron is the wet dream of any product creator who needs affiliates. Never miss Aaron in your life — he takes care of his customers and JV partners extremely well!”
— Aravindh Sridhar 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner
Colin Klinkert
“Spin Rewriter is probably the best product in the market... I get great EPCs promoting it and, what's most important to me is that my customers actually love the product. Very low cancellation rates and practically no refund rates. All around it's a fantastic product — if it fits your business at all, then you definitely have to get on board and promote it!”
— Colin Klinkert 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner
Simon Greenhalgh
“I have been involved with Aaron and Spin Rewriter now for over 2 years and I managed the 2.0 launch which did 6 figures in 4 days. I was heavily involved in recruiting affiliates and generating exposure for 3.0 which did a quarter of a million in 7 days.

And once again I will be throwing in everything I have and doing my best to help Aaron and his team make this another record breaking launch.


Firstly because SpinRewriter is the best product of its kind in the world.

And secondly because I have made more money promoting SpinRewriter than any other product I have ever promoted in my I.M career to date.

So for me, as it should be for you, promoting this product is the easiest decision I will make in my business this year.”
— Simon Greenhalgh 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner
Andy Black

Aaron has just closed out a very profitable 5-figure promo for one of my products, and I've had the pleasure of also promoting him. Now what I'll say about Aaron is, he puts 110% in absolutely everything that he does. If you have an opportunity to jump on one of his launches or promote one of his products or just work with him, I highly recommend that you do so.
— Andy Black 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner
Ricky Mataka
“Aaron is a BEAST. This dude is always cranking out top quality SEO software that knocks the socks off the competition!

I was so excited to see Spin Rewriter 1.0 and the intelligence that went into it being a coder myself. I see this completely in design and the quality that went into its development.

I recently did a 72 hour for Spin 3.0 and banked real hard! The software rocks, the sales pages rock... guaranteed cashola and gets Ricky's Stamp of Approval!!”
— Ricky Mataka 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner
Dejan Murko
“Aaron and I have been doing business together since the summer of 2012 and coincidence or not, the revenue of my business has quadrupled in this time. We recommend Spin Rewriter to all our members in our newsletter and it's been by FAR the best performing affiliate product we recommend. I think we did over $4.60 EPC with one of our earlier mailings. We've never heard of anyone requesting a refund so all in all it's really a fantastic product which sells itself.

We've made over $32,000 in the last 12 months by working with Aaron and we'll definitely keep supporting the product.”
— Dejan Murko 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner
Carey Baird

I first got in touch with Aaron when I was looking for a new content spinner to integrate with my software. His software is fantastic and extremely professional, but just as importantly he looks after his customers and offers tons of extra value.

I have promoted Spin Rewriter both during launches and as an evergreen product — conversions are always sky high and the recurring commissions are the icing on the cake. He is the first I know of in the launch scene to really make the SaaS model successful both in and out of launches... for himself and for his affiliates.

The short and long of it — Aaron knows EXACTLY what he is doing with his products, with marketing and with launches.. plus he is a top guy.

Thanks Aaron and good luck killing the launch, but I know you won't need it!
— Carey Baird 5-star rating Verified buyer Trusted JV Partner

Now, before I go any further:
A huge "Thank You" to everyone above once again! 🙏

And if your name doesn't appear on the list just yet, I would definitely love to see YOUR face among these awesome guys after this launch as well. ❤️

🤝 And Remember:
We Always Reciprocate!

We've got your back when it's YOUR time to launch!
Here's a taste of the heat we'll bring:

JV Leaderboard Screenshots - We bring serious heat!

I would personally LOVE to bring some serious heat to your next launch!

Let's make this an absolute WIN-WIN for everyone! 🤩

4 Tips to Pull Off a Guaranteed
Insanely Profitable Spin Rewriter Promo:

I've also recorded a short video with 4 specific tips that will help you make your Spin Rewriter promo extremely profitable. Watch the video below to discover the best strategy to use when promoting:

Don't Forget: All Your
Leads Are Forever Hard-Coded
To Your Affiliate ID!

Everyone you send our way will be permanently assigned to your affiliate ID when they sign up. No other affiliate will ever be able to over-write this!

This means that you only need to promote Spin Rewriter once, and you'll be making your full 50% recurring commissions for life!

We'll Also Be Running
Retargeting Ad Campaigns
To Maximize Your Profits!

Once you start sending us your leads, we'll cookie-track them through Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other platforms to make sure we get them to convert.

This way we can truly maximize your conversions and your profits!

Of course the entire ad budget that we're going to spend on retargeting is on us. And all the recurring lifetime commissions are yours! 😎

We've Got Swipe Emails For You As Well:

If you ever need promotional copy to use in your emails, newsletters, blog posts, or product reviews, simply drop us an email and we'll help you out with prepared samples.

We've also got some great bonuses (software products and ebooks) that you can offer to your subscribers to sweeten the deal even further and make it more unique to you.

You can download your swipe emails right here:

Our launch email swipes were written by possibly the best copywriter in the entire industry. We recommend that you use these swipe emails for highest conversions and tons of recurring commissions:

Recommended Email Swipes:

NOTE: Swipe emails #2 and #4 include testimonials from our existing users.

These testimonials leverage Spin Rewriter's incredible social proof by sharing our users' great experiences in your promo emails. Spin Rewriter has been around since 2011 and we've got more than 181,394 happy users, so it only makes sense to use this incredible fact to your advantage.

We have included properly resized and optimized testimonials in the ZIP file above. And if you need full-size images of these testimonials, you will find them in a separate folder as well.

Bottom line, we're making this promo as easy for you as never before. 😃

Alternative Swipe Emails
(For More Marketing Angles & Ideas)

JV Bonuses:

For your Spin Rewriter promo campaigns, we've also prepared a number of great bonuses (including complementary software products and SEO ebooks) that you can use to sweeten the deal and make it more unique to you! Here they are:

To learn more about these bonuses, please create a free account or log in to get access to your Affiliate Panel (with all promotional materials including these bonuses) and your own affiliate link.

Bottom line, there are tons of promo materials already waiting for you in your Affiliate Panel: promo videos, pre-made banners, email swipes, unique bonuses for your subscribers, etc.

List of Available Promotional Videos:

Spin Rewriter AI - Main Video
Spin Rewriter - How to polish unique articles to perfection
Spin Rewriter - How Aaron personally uses Spin Rewriter
Spin Rewriter - Time Challenge - 500 Articles in 45 Seconds

Other Promotional Images and Banners:

Feel absolutely free to use any of the images and videos available on this entire website when promoting Spin Rewriter.

Spin Rewriter Logos

Logo for light backgrounds: Spin Rewriter AI - Logo
Logo for dark backgrounds: Spin Rewriter AI - Logo
Emblem: Spin Rewriter - Emblem

Bottom Line: Join our Affiliate Program

As I'm sure you've realized by now, you can build a serious online passive income stream with our services.

Ready for some Quick Math?

When your friends create an account with us, we'll pay you 50% of everything they ever pay for our services.

If they purchase $700 worth of Spin Rewriter subscriptions, you make $350 right off the bat — and when you say so, we transfer those $350 directly to your PayPal account.

Say you have a mailing list of our potential customers. You could quickly send out a recommendation of our services and have 100 of your subscribers become our registered members. If each of them pays (on average) just $37 for our services each month, you are suddenly making $1,850.00 every month. Hands-free, passive, auto-pilot money!

SHOCKER: YES, you'll earn 50% of what your referrals pay for our services FOREVER.

And remember that we don't pay you a commission just the first time someone makes a payment. We pay you every single time!

The Spin Rewriter Affiliate Program is already generating at least 4-figures per month in passive income for dozens and dozens of our affiliates! Join them today! 🤩

How Do I Get Started?

Registration is simple and takes less than a minute.

Create a free account or log in to get your affiliate link.
We can't wait to start sending you recurring commissions...

Thank you for being our Affiliate Partner!

Aaron Sustar
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